My girlfriend will not accept a breakup, how do I go about this?

I'm 21 and my girlfriend is 22. We have been together for 2 years.

I've tried breaking up with her 6 times now.

The most recent time I tried to break up with her was this past week. She took it okay and then told me she needed to get her stuff. We live 2 hours apart so I told her I'd drop her stuff off. When I got there she cried and begged for me to stay. She then got really upset and told me she is going to make my life a living hell if I leave her. She grabbed my car keys and held me for HOURS while she cried and begged me to put more time and thought into my decision. She tried to kiss me and asked me if we could have sex right then and there, and then told me that the relationship isn't over until she decides it's over and that even if I break up with her, she is going to carry on and continue as if our breakup never happened. She basically cried for a few more hours after that and didn't hand over my keys until I told her that I'd think about it.

I know she sounds crazy but I think she acts this way because I'm the first relationship she's ever been with. She feels that she needs me. &Regardless of how she may be portrayed right now, she is a really nice girl. My family and friends love her. There's nothing wrong with her personality in general. The reason I would like to breakup with her is because early in the relationship she cheated on me. Although she has been faithful and committed since then, my feelings for her have faded over time because of what she did, regardless of how hard I've tried to keep things alive between us.

Please what is the best way to break up with her? I care about her and it would be nice to keep her as a friend but is my only option here to just block all contact with her and vanish?


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  • Just don't have contact with her any longer or at least for a little bit, tell her you're ending the relationship and it can't only be on her terms, you're not happy. You can't be her friend right now thats just giving her a chance to try to manipulate you again.


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  • all you can do is make it clear that the break up is serious and final , if she cannot except that she has deeper issues


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  • I would recommend a restraining order against her because she sounds psycho

  • Tell her it's over get away from me and she insists call the police


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