Has being rejection so much caused me to stop being as attracted to women?


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  • I know it has for me (stopped me being attracted to men). Sadly, I think it may have sabotaged a few times when someone liked me and I wasn't able give them enough encouragement. Honestly relationships feel like too much risk. But I'm old, I was married, I had my chance. You're too young to give up, dammit!

    • I just don't feel as happy as I used too around women. Being rejected and never being given a chance and the dirty looks horrible attitude did something to me. A part of my mind gave up and I think it's getting worse

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    • I've been this way since birth it's cool. If I saw the world in a happy mind set I probably have a heart attack. I'm only depressed in my social life I'm confident in everything else.

    • It's been a long time sense I've tried meeting anyone and I'm terrified to put myself out there again

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  • dude i have been rejected non stop this past 5 years haha, tip just dont feel sorry for yourself, and just move on!

    • Not feeling sorry. Just I think even my brain and body knows I don't have a chance so why keep trying

    • dude what you just wrote is you feeling sorry, and i get it i was there, just work on yourself and be happy

    • by work on yourself i mean to make yourself happy

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  • I could see it having an effect but seriously don't let it get you down everybody gets rejected

    • True. I'm trying not too. I just hate seeing women and I'm not turned on it other guys are like she's hot I just don't see it.

    • Maybe you just have different tastes than everybody else.

    • Ya true very true. I just can't imagine her ever liking me lol women don't even look at me. I just think some part of my mind is just fed up and gave up. And the rest of my brain is catching up

  • Yes.


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