Content with self sabotage?

I just ended a potential relationship for a really dumb reason. I met this guy and We had been talking for a few weeks and I started developing feelings. I could tell it was mutual. It would've been a complicated relationship with a lot of odds against us but I didn't try. I used it being complicated as an excuse to not try. made up an excuse out of thin air so I could run. I feel awful but satisfied because I'd rather break my own heart then give someone the opportunity to do it for me so I did it myself. If i let him in and it ends up badly It'll ruin me. But the second I decided to break it off I regretted it instantly and I've had this sick feeling in my stomach all day. I dont know what to do. I feel this awful already and we were only just heading towards a relationship. I can't imagine what I'll feel when it doesn't work out. Any advice would help


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  • I'd suggest you talk to a counsellor and see if you can work out why you're uncomfortable with secure attachments. It could be related to your upbringing or possibly past relationships, but you owe it to yourself to work through it with a professional who can give you the right tools to help

  • So... instead of a 30-20% chance of success or whatever it maybe, you reduced it to 0% by self-sabotage... uhhhhh okie dokie.


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