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I broke up with my girlfriend and she immediately started dating a new guy. Thereafter, her family approached my family and friends to ask whether I was "ready" for marriage as is customary or traditional in my society.(parents meet---arranged type of deal). My folks asked me and I said no...cause we had just broken up...and I wasn't ready and she was seeing this other guy who she had told me earlier that she can't really stand...so I don't know whether she was just telling me that or she really meant it...also...I don't know whether she started seeing this guy to make me jealous or it was for real...but they broke up a month later...'

The break up was quite messy, in fact I had to go see her old man and tell him my side of the story...cause her folks and my family are sort of friendly...

She now ignores me, deleted me from Facebook, doesn't answer texts.

I sent her a text message yesterday just saying hey what's up...hope your good...n she didn't reply...now on her Facebook she posted stuff like when you make me cry, there's a guy who is hoping to make me laugh and etc like a long poem or something. She then went to a page why do people cheat and posted it on her page.. (yes I know I spied)

We were on and off for about a year...

What is going on here?

Why is she ignoring me?

Never had anyone so mad at me that they can't even say a simple hello or even answer texts...why is she mad? is she still into me? Even her friends are all mad at me...for something I haven't quite figured out yet...any idea what it might be?

I would like to make things right because I have missed her...but don't want to get into the stalker area...



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  • Remember you broke up with her so maybe she is feeling hurt by what has happened and this is her reactions. This is also why her friends are reacting the way they are to you as well. They are on her side. Yes, she may well have dated soon after as a reaction to the hurt she was feeling but rebound relationships never work out and always are short lived. It most likely meant nothing to her.

    She is upset at what has happened and it is only natural for her to feel like this.


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  • .She is trying to get you back trying to make you jealous. Its not really the right way but us woman when it comes to are men we don't care but men do the same thing trust me. My ex tried that and I told him nice try that iv played that card before. Just you get with someone else or leave her alone.Delete her from face book. you sound like a good guy don't let her bring you down

  • honestly to tell you the thruth I think you should let her go and move on don't waste ur time on a girl who left you to be with another guy because that shows that she don't care to much and if she really did care for you and wanted to be with you she would chase after you and not make you chase her so I say move on


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  • be the man and just let it be... she wants you then she knows where to find you. Go ahead with your life and don't pause it for anything specailly women...

    you'll be ok you seem like a nice guy you'll get better opportunities

    good luck

  • Make things right? Why? She left you for another guy! Forget her dude.


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