Shoud I just ignore her (cut her off)? Or tell her how I feel? She has contacted me 4 times so far and I've been ignoring her?

I've known this girl for almost 18 years (our families are very very close) I'm 21 atm. anyways I liked/loved her for the last 4 years or so, and I told her how I feel about her and she was like I used to have a crush on you but I don't anymore, and it will be very complicated because we live in different countries and whats not Which really hurt me because she used to flirt with me and I got really confused but hay I respected that and moved on with my life until she started contacting me a year after and again she flirted and the stupid that I am i flirted back and I ended telling her that I liked her, where she was like I like you too but few weeks after that she was like i can't do this, I don't want anything right now and let's be friends. I was like ok im done well be just friends and thats that a year or so after that lol she moved to my country different cities though for university where her dad asked me if I could teach her and help with school (through skype) which I did so we used to talk every day for almost 4 hours sometimes 7 hours! Like you have no idea the amount of time I've put into helping her. it got to the point where she just wanted to talk to me for no reason, she then brought up what happened between us before and told me that she really does like me and she can't see anyone else better fitting and bla bla but she wants to concentrate on school for now and I told her that I'll wait and see where things go but I told her that if she ever distance herself from me and acts cold I'll cut her off my life forever and she agreed. So long story short she goes Beck home for her winter break and doesn't contact me for almost 8 day tell I contacted her first in the intention to tell her off but I waited and ended up saying nothing, any ways she came back to school and boom she wants to contact me again and her I started ignoring her i don't reply to her massages and I think my heart just turned cold, like I feel like I don't care much anymore


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  • Why I don't get guys like you who show their feelings and express how much they like me. Why? Why? 😢
    Anyways, you are better without her. It's like she is really confused with her feelings for you. She might like you but isn't ready to be into anything serious with you. It really sucks! I'm in a similar situation where this guy is really confused about his feelings for me and it is getting annoying for me. I have started ignoring him now but I still like him. You ignore her and try to move on. If this girl likes you enough she will try to talk about her feelings for you. You've already done a lot of waiting for her, find someone who really appreciate and respects your feelings.


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  • Sucks dude, I've been in a similar situation. I was CRAZY for this girl that I met over vacation and she was very into me as well. I asked her if there was a chance of something developing and she said no because we lived in different countries. I was so hurt and mad at her since I thought she really liked me. Anyway, the truth is that she was right. I was being ridiculous. We lived so far from each other and there was no way anything could develop. I am 100% certain she was just as into me as I was into her, but she was the one thinking straight so she rightfully said no.

    Look dude, I think that girl is being genuine. I really do think she likes you, but she's just being practical. You two are young and live far from each other, it's not going to work man, it just won't. Don't fuck this up just because you can't get what you want right now. Keep in touch with her and be friendly and if the time comes when you're both living close enough then by all means go for it. Until then, don't add unnecessary drama.

    • Thank you man for your advice and time:)
      Just one more thing I told her that I respected that and I really did (us being in different cities), I didn't want a relationship until she was ready. In the meanwhile we would talk like before no strings attached however she must want this relationship to grow, we both have to put time into this and if someone doesn't want anything anymore he or she should tell the other and when I contacted in her break this convo came up somehow and I told her what she agreed on and she was like I don't know how you want me reply and that really posted me off
      So do you think it's ok for her to stop talking to me the day she finished her exams for 8 days or so, or am i over exaggerating. I'm basing my anger on theses days I just felt used. And I know she is a genuine person but she has done what she done regardless.
      What do you think? Thanks again man:)

    • See you're falling under this illusion of action. You're trying fix things because that's what men do, we try to fix things but there's nothing you can fix. All you're doing is driving her further away. You need to give a woman time for her feelings to grow and that's never going to happen if you're always trying to fix things because really all you're doing is adding extra stress and drama to the situation. You need to let go of this goal to catch her, instead just focus on having fun. You also need to understand that women are like cats. Cats are much more emotional and basically do whatever they want to do at that very moment. Women are the same. Women run off the emotions they are feeling at that moment. When a woman isn't in the mood to be around you or give you attention you give her the space she needs otherwise she'll start feeling as if she's being suffocated and will just pull away more. If she actually cares about you, she'll reach out to you when she misses you and all you

    • have to do is have fun with her. That's what women mean by wanting a rock stable man, that just because a woman needs to wonder off like that she'll know that it won't phase the guy out like it's doing you.

      You can't force her to lile you or want something more, you just need to relax and have fun and let things develop naturally. That's why she said "I don't know how you want me to reply" like really dude, what do expect her to do? Chances are you're not going to be with this girl until you two live nearby so unless that happens stop pressuring her. You need to see this as a long term investment.

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