What does it mean when, she look straight into my eyes?

Today I met my ex-girlfriend in the subway (some people call it: undeground).
When I saw her, firstly I felt quite embarrased and scared, but later then I decide to say hi.
Once I said hi she took one of her headphones and reply to me.
We talk about a few minutes about job stuff as ussualy, but she was looking deep into my eyes rather than escape eye contact.. She already have another boyfriend since couple months ago, but I was thinking does she still thinks about me (care).

To mention in 2015 - February she found that she was pregnant from me, but said that she isn't going to ruin her life and decide that abortion is her option. Two weeks later we both went to the clinique and she had this operation, while realizing that she is pregnant with twins.
Please give advice, Thanks!


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  • I'm not sure if your date is right because we are in 2017 not 2015.

    Some people give babies up for adoption. But before that is 9 months and with multiples the risk is increased. Along with if they have any other health issues. I've had multiples and I have CAH, AIS, Chimerism, Albinism, Vitiligo, Kennedy Disease (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and that made me high risk for having a child with those things or with things linked to them. I had amniocentesis and other tests to make sure my kids were generally ok. But they also ended up as carriers. Some did have issues. I also ended up having a high risk pregnancy more than once.

    So if you know her health history and your own it might help you cope with the decisions made. Also while some people coparent fine.(I've done it before) Sometimes non married co parenting or out of relationship shared parenting is far rougher than you think. Your both leading your lives and might be sharing in tasks. But mothers typically provide the most care in the first two years of life due to breast or bottle feeding, and common infant health issues.(including simple things as shots, flu's and having colds).

    If you're young and both trying to get somewhere or have limited resources.(housing, food, transportation, medical coverage, etc) It can be quite a bit to take on. When parents go through something so do the children. So they would pick up on your stress and your attempts to do right by them.

    Some people in your situation if they keep the kids they split them up. Each parent walks away with one child and is responsible for that one child of the twin set. My family had to deal with this because both my parents are twins. My grandparents were raised separate from their siblings though did visit with them. My mother and her twin weren't always close. My father got along better with his twin. My grandpa and his brother got along good but lived several countries apart. I went to visit his family as a child travelling all over. Moving a lot as a kid teaches you about people and the world. But it is hard and your constantly making new friends or saying goodbye to them.

    Even when a person seems calm about an abortion. It's not always cut and dry. They may look fine but they still feel something unless it's at the morning after pill state where the embryo hasn't formed into a humanoid structure. Also they had to consider the consequences to you both even if you seemed to of moved on.

  • Well, she maybe still cares about you as a friend and a person she used to know?

    • Perhaps you're right, but after year and almost half I feel perfectly cleaned from that bulshit which was existing in my life.
      I'd say that I become cold hearted, but this is the best option in cases like that.

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    • What is their reason for coming in to your life?

    • Well we met accidently in the subway (underground) by just going to work and talked for few minutes, but after this moment happened I saw her couple times again, but she was escaping me and neither I care, it's her choice, she have another boyfriend one of my "real" closest friends.
      So life gives you many lessons during your existence.

  • She likes maintaining eye contact


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