Why does my ex keep calling?

We have a long history together and were friends for a long time even before things got serious for us, so we definitely have a connection. He made me feel like an option though, and it was so clear I cared more than he did. He actually told me "you're not a priority right now". I loved him (and told him at one point), but I cut off contact with him entirely because I knew he wasn't treating me right. I told him quite a bit of extremely personal stuff that was going on in my life, and along with spilling all those details to his friends, he told them he "wanted noting to do with me", but is sending me a quite a different message. We have a mutual friend, and this friend is telling me that my ex is asking about me. Along with this, I'm getting constant calls from blocked number which I'm positive are him, but he never really talks.. he waits until I pick up, and once I say "hello" the call ends without him saying anything. I've already told him that I don't want to talk to him and that he hurt me, and I know that if I hear his voice again, I'll break down into tears. I heard from this friend that he has a new girlfriend too, which only confuses me more... why is he calling ME despite his relationship? Overall. My question is, why is he calling at all, and should I give into the calls and talk to him, or continue the no-contact?


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  • Stay well away is my advice. Sounds like real trouble and he's just going to cause you more heartache.


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  • He either has serious unresolved emotional issues or wants to fuck


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  • He's trying to get in your pants again. He doesn't love you, he only wants sex and your attention becuz no other girl is available.



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