Recently out of a failed relationship and have a feeling of lost confidence and hopelessness. Does time really heal all?

Been in another failed relationship and I'm having people say to me that time will heal all and that God has someone for everyone. Amongst the shitty feelings I have of self doubt and others, I don't believe what my friends and family are saying. That sense of hopelessness is overwhelming. My question to all you is does time help to really heal this or am I doomed to become so jaded that I just give up entirely?


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  • Yes time does heal all wounds. I was there myself and that really hurt, it took me months before I could look at other guys. 2 weeks after my break up, I went out w/2 guys visiting from another country, I went just to find out about their culture, way of life etc. Nothing happened in the "date" sense, but I was sick to my stomach. I didn't feel a lack of confidence, it was a lack of desire to date any other guys. That other person was a big part of your world, now they are gone. When you take time to heal and meet someone new, you will focus your energy on them. A guy I dated after my ex rejected me, I never thought I would cry over another guy like that, but I did. At that moment, my ex didn't matter. My boyfriend and I are long distance, I was super sad when he left and my ex didn't occupy my mind, I was only upset about missing my boyfriend.

  • Unless you have another reason to be depressed, it will pass. It could always be worse. Learn to make best with what you got. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways and although we don't understand why at the moment someday you will. Find something to distract you. Work. Friends. Family. Hobbies. etc


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