My boyfriend cried?

Someone told me he was cheating, and I cried a whole class period and I just couldn't understand why he would do this. We've had fights before, fights because people told me he "doesn't really love you" or "he's using you" and hearing that enough hurt. He told me he loves me, with a long note saying things like "you would first and foremost have faith in me and what I say" and "i honestly really like you," and "we should keep to ourselves if people are interfering with our relationship." and at the end of the note (its a long note, I just put the most important things he said) it said I love you. then yesterday, as I was saying, someone said he was cheating on me. I had my friend talk to him for me because she asked me what was wrong because I was crying. so she told him I was crying at the end of the day in the orchestra room.

she also told him that I heard and was told he was cheating by sight, and she said he stared at her blankly, then had a real scared look on his face, then he was about to cry. When I walked in the orchestra room (end of the day, quicker way to bus) he saw me, walked really fast through the stands and chairs, and hugged me. he then backed away for a second and said "I would never cheat on you" then he hugged me again, for a really long time. and then said "I would never do that." and he was seriously about to cry. I don't understand why though. Was it because he got caught? or what?

thanks for any answers :D


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  • sounds that if he was about to cry that.. he really care's and what he says it prob true.. my boy would be hurt if I believed things people tel me about him I've been with him long enough to know he would never cheat on me.. girl, seriously ask him to be god honest with you if ye don't trust ech other then ye can't be togther.. people can be jelous and say things.. I'd be asking him not others.. he is the one you have to believe.. gl


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