How long can you be in a relationship without a declaration of love?

This is mostly for girls. I'm dating a fun girl. She just turned 30, had her fun when she was young, drank, partied, had sex w 13 guys (or I'm 13 I dunno, probably a lie). I like being w her but I'm never going to love her. I like her, I care about her, but I'm not going to be the last guy in a chain. She wants to settle down now, but I don't want a girl that has been with other guys for a wife. The question is: how long would you girls stay in a relationship if the guy never said he loved you?


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  • Pretty long? I don't need to hear him declare how he feels about me if I can see it in his actions.
    I would definitely bring up what his lt goals with me are after we'd been together for a couple of months though. I'm not into wasting time on guys who aren't on the same page as myself.


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  • I Been With My Guy For Two Year's In A Month, We Use To Tell Each One Another We Love Each Other But Now It's Like We Can't Even Have A Conversation. I Feel Like He's Not Into Me Anymore Like He Use To Be.


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