How did you get through breaking up with an unfaithful significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend)?

When did you decide you were done? How did you bring yourself to go through with it and never look back? Do you have any advice for people who might be in this situation?


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  • 100% of all the women I've gone steady with have been cought cheating, or confessed to me that she was seeing other guys.
    I learned what I like and want in a companion, and chosen my relationships more carefully. Doing so has saved time, and money. It has enabled me to chase a college degree, learn, and practice things that interest me. I've also been able to pick up on little signs that are there when cheating is likely to occur. In addition it has amplified my desire for a companion to be as true to me as I would be to her. It is a balancing of all things in life... Thats how you move forward with confidence. Know you are worthy of what you can give.


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  • the best way is to find someone else. or at least find out that someone is interested in you bc it makes you feel desirable and convince yourself that you'll find someone else.

    • by the way if the profile pic is you, you have great hair, clear skin, and I love your your eyes and lips. I think you're beautiful. honestly!

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  • Forget about them if they werent good for you you have to have people in your life that help you not hurt you

    • How do you go about separating yourself from a 4 year long relationship?

    • When i left my ex i just had to walk out and not look back. And it was the hardest thing I've ever done but i couldnt let her drag me down anymore

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  • First thing to do is to realize that they did not put the same value into the relationship you did or else they would not have done that. Try cutting contact with them it helps moving forward.


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  • Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences for anyone to face. It takes longer to get over a breakup if there was infidelity in the relationship.

    The only way to get through it and move on is to remove all traces of the person from your life , by cutting all means of contact, and getting rid of anything that has sentimental value

    People keep their pain raw , because they feed their memories by reminicing about what used to be , and dwelling on what could've/should've been . That just feeds their pain. It prolongs their hurt

    It's not time that heals the pain, it's what you do with your time that heals it. That's why it's important to try new things, workout, spend time with friends or family. Keep your mind active and focused on things other than the breakup Gradually, the memories fade and the pain eases.

    The one thing I've learnt in life is... that hearts do heal and they do love again

    • especially ifYou tthooqht It was going great Its the worst and tdont have Answersbut my , ? is how do YOU Move on

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