Ex girlfriend acting mean after break up for no reason?

Why is my ex girlfriend (who broke up with me) acting like a bitch after break up when we did NOT do anything wrong to each other?


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What Girls Said 2

  • i act like a bitch towards my ex who i broke up with xD I waas too nice during the relationship to not talk to him about all the shit he did (including sexting girls for nudes and showing me)

    • well I dont do that I respect my girl when I am in relationship with her

  • She's probably doing it for herself to convince her not to try and go back to you, she's thinking ab it.

    • Ok, and my move? Frankly I am not convinced her that I want her back..

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    • It is!!!

    • 😂 I bet if anything I'll try to make it work

What Guys Said 1

  • Because she is your ex. She is probably going through a lot emotionally so she takes out her frustrations on you.

    • Yeah that is correct, it is emotional rollercoaster

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