He hasn't responded to me, I am scared but I shouldn't?

I send him this week two messages saying "I finally obtained my Bachelor's Degree. Please Take care of yourself"

I send the same message to another friend and he answered me in minutes.

I am afraid that he is angry with me because I scolded him about his behavior of the last time, that he has become cold and insensitive towards me (I will give the link to that question later).

Or maybe he thought that I was saying farewell or something similar. Really I can think in something positive about it. I want to call him, but I think I will be rejected by him.

What can I do? I want to call him, but I am afraid of his reaction or that he is hurt (which is hardly to think about him).



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  • why would you tell him you have a bachelors degree what was the point of that haha? nah don't call him you messed it up with what you said. You can call if you want if you want just to see what's up.

    • What's the problem with saying that?

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    • Yeah go ahead if he's mad then try to ask him why or whatever but at least you get a clear understanding of where everythings at it won't hurt to call the worst is you get closure and move on.

    • And what can I say if he says that he is not mad?

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