What's going with this girl? Does she still like me? What's up with the dirty looks? Does she Regret it?

Okay I date this girl for a week and she wanted to keep it lowkey because she said her best friend would get mad if she knew. She broke up with me because she said she could not do that to her friend because she doesn't like doing things behind her best friends back. I mean she looked really sad when she did break up with me. She said if we could be friends though. We've been on Nc for about a week however since we go to school I can't really avoid her. She has been hot and cold. She sometimes looks at me sliming and when I notice she looks down or away. She also gives me mad looks also. I do want to get back with her though. What should I do about this. She also liked pictures about getting back with your ex and relationships on Ig. She also checks my Snapchat stories. Also I want her to talk to me first so I tried to make her jealous by post a picture on snapchat of my shoes and a my sister shoes with a blue heart. Yeah I used my sister to make her jealous lol.


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  • Women never regret a anything unless it affects a goal they currently want to achieve.

    Also she is ashamed being with you which equal dead end relationship and lol at you believing her BS lies.

    Get a new girl and some self respect for yourself.

    • I mean she seemed like she really did like me and I didn't even ask her out she did so I don't know.

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    • And she was the one to look at me first and say hi to me and then one her friend saw her grabbing my arm and said you and David? She started smiling at the thought of it. when I look at her she use to blush up and hold eye contact for so long and smiled. So why would she be ashamed of me. She used to curve guys especially this one guy who always tried to talk to her. But when I talked to her she would hold eye contact and smile and actually try to carry the conversation by asking me questions. Also this guy would always try to high five her and like try to like touch her by like trying to play with her hands and when he even try to say hi to her and if she saw that I was paying attention she would not even give a simple high five and would tell him to leave her alone. But when I tried to talk to her she would do the total opposite. And she would try to bump into me and get really close to me and brushing her body on mine.

    • She would never ignore me but she would to other guys. And she would always pop in places I was at with her friends. She even put her guy friend to ask me if I was dating anyone. And she put some of her friends to spy on me cuz everytime I looked around her friends would be looking at me. The only reason why I am believing her is because my friends would pick on her best friend of liking my friend. Like my friends would always tease her best friend for liking my friend by always saying his name. She follows me on Snapchat and Ig. Some of her friends also follow me. So if she was ashamed of me would she flirt with me and be totally out there. Her also thinks best friend thinks I'm some kind of fuckboy because all my friends to be honest are. And that I would hurt her and use her for my own gain

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