Girls, Girl who works at my gym keeps smiling to herself?

Ok so there's a girl who works at my local gym whi ice I go to on Saturdays. She always works on reception like once every fortnight. EVERYTIME I go in an she's on the reception she always smiles to herself but when in the gym we only glance. Just wondering why ever since I checked her out she always smiles to herself but only when she sees me walking in? Then she goes to the gym as she obv finishes work on reception?


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  • From the information you've given I'm guessing that because She works on reception and its basically it's front of house, rule number one smile at the customers as they walk in. When she's at the gym she's not working and she doesn't have to smile at you so doesn't.

    • She doesn't work on reception she just sits there before she finishes and she doesn't smile at me she just looks then tries to hide a little smile and I was telling the receptionist my name etc and she kept listening in , she does this EVERYTIME.

    • You said in your post worked.
      Well then she might like you she might not. If you like her next time say hi see how she responds.

    • I might lol

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