Long distance relationship.. 😞?

My girl friend and I are from different countries, and went to college in a tird country where we met. Now i finished and left to homeland, and she has 3 more years to go.. i guess she will be going back to hers. We decided not to have a long distance relationship cause i didn't workout before! But i love her deeply and i would like to marry her but.. where should we live.. i can't leave my parents and nether can she! What do i doo heelp pleaase


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  • I am so sorry for your situation.
    You could start a long distance relationship, as long as you both put in time, commitment and at some time money. It is much more difficult than a 'normal' relationship but can be done with the improvement in technologies and much more cheaper flights/ other transport.
    Though the only thing is one person (or both) will eventually have to move in my opinion, if you the real deal and be together forever.
    Hope this helps

    • But then what? We can get married but still i'll be selfish asking her to live in my country.. and visversa

    • is there a middle place you could both move to? If neither are willing to move then I am afraid the relationship wouldn't last. To be brutally honest, If you truly love each other, then both of you would find a way to make it work. If not, then its best to move on sorry

    • It really helps geting opinions thank you very much

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