What is this feeling that I'm going through?

After he left me, I went through a serious heartbreak, went depressed for 1.5 weeks. Slowly got better but I was still obsessed and re playing everything in my mind like crazy

The big change I notice though was- I have no interest in dating, as well as hoooking up and even sex, I lost interest. Until now, the thought of it doesn't enthused me at all.

Here I am now after one full month since the separation, I'm not all that hurt anymore. I have accepted it, but for some reason, my feelings turned to indifference, I wouldn't say it's hate. it's like the thought of him and how badly he hurt me makes me feel sick and I just wanna feel numb and block all the memories from it all that I ended up deleting my Facebook for a bit.

I don't know what all these feelings are. Anyone wanna help me explain?


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  • just before you read, know I'm not a professional 🤓, now... it's normal to have a hard breakup, if you really liked him and it's the asshole breaking up with you it's pretty hard, you probably don't want to have sex, etc cuz you automatically associate the fealings you get with him, talk to your friends, have a girl's night out... after another few months you'll be mostly forgetting about his existence ;)

    • Omg you're right!! As for his end though, what do you think this is for him?

    • well I had a bad break up before so I can tell you spending about 2 months in bed with Nutella as my main food wasn't the healthiest nor smartest ;)

  • You are still hurt and trying to move on from him. Seems completely normal to me.

    • It's been a month already though 😩

    • : / Things should get better, just try to forget about him and do other things you enjoy.

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  • There's one last option that you can have him back in no time, I send it to you. But hurry before it's too late.. : * <3 I want to help you as best as I can


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