I had been seeing this gentleman since October : we have been on one date which was very extravagant - in December. Before our "lavish" date he would only meet me where I was having lunch with co workers or a after work drink.

He would ask me things such as "do you love me" "are you in love with me" which made me feel pressured because in reality we've only been on one date and he never went out of his way + all he would do is text and call me non stop and technically stalk my fb and Instagram.

He never took me on another date but would demand ALL MY TIME on the phone - so I told him it wasn't fair that he was asking all this of me when technically this is not a real relationship.

I broke up with him and had to block him because he became obsessive texting and calling all hours of the night - he then took it as far to follow me into a restaurant two days in a row which he was then thrown out.

He is a maniac , never treated me like a lady. We never slept together and only made out. Is he borderline deranged - and was I right for kicking his ass to the curb?

He has ever since been stalking social media finding ways to contact me cause I had blocked him. Continue to send me messages after he was asked to back off and leave me alone. He is a friend of my fathers and now no longer a friend.. Any other advice anyone can give?


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  • 1. Don't mess with your parents' friends. It can make things awkward for them when it gets screwed up.

    2. Demand that guys treat you better. You let this guy slide way too long.

    3. Get a restraining order against this guy!

    • I know lesson very much learned

  • What the fuck?

    • I know it's ridiculous and I am leaving nothing out of this story

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