Just friends after breakup?

I recently had a relationship end. We had gone on a vacation together in December and then he went home for the holidays (about 2 hours apart). He was very weird and got distant but wouldn't admit what was going on. Kept telling me everything was fine, he missed me, etc. I pressed and pressed for answers and finally after a couple weeks right before New Years he admitted he "met someone" but he cherished me and wanted to be friends still. I went no contact because my feelings are so strong and he broke my heart into pieces. I was very good to this man, probably better than any other relationship I've ever been in. I really cherished him and did everything for him. He indeed is in a new relationship already and even took her on a romantic European vacation just weeks after ending things with me. This was a trip he was going to take alone and I helped him plan it. :( However, even though she was with him, he spent the entire trip contacting my best friend to try and chat (this is not someone he would be interested in, he knows she will tell me everything) going on my social media to like things almost daily (I've unfriended/unfollowed him but didn't block). I clearly am not interested in being his friend as I went NC and unfriended him, so what could be the motivation here? It's been several weeks and it is seriously almost daily there is some sort of reminder of him. He's liking more of mine and my friends social media posts than his new gf's. I'm trying to take the high road and ignore. If he's so happy and in love, why can't he leave me alone to heal? I haven't contacted him once in weeks. He's not directly messaging me or calling, but he's for sure trying to get some kind of reaction. It's confusing me greatly and I'm already so hurt and not sure how to take it. I feel like no contact is the healthiest thing here, any advice would be appreciated!


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  • In the experience of people in my life, usually when they break up and there's all these bad feelings for awhile by one or the other (rarely but sometimes both), and no contact, but then after awhile once they've moved on and both either hooked up with someone else or resigned to being single for the foreseeable future, they slowly get to be just friends again and after a year or two it's all sorted out.


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