Hi please help! I am regretful?

Last summer I found an agent who works in the same office as me is interested in me. I was married and had some problems with my husband and accidentally I had to say some of my problems in office then he stared with saying I want to help you and stuff like that so we used to go to a bar near office after work everyday gradually he asked me if he could pick me up and drop me off and I accepted finally one day he kissed me and we involved so the day after he helped me pack my stuff and move out. Anyway we stared to live together. He helped me to pay for lawyer and before he promised me that he will let me work for him which never happened! He is promising me everyday to marry me right after divorce done. I am so heart broken because he even doesn't help me in anything and he just promise. I live with him but like a guest. He never have serious conversations with me. Why is that? He doesn't have any common activity with me. I actually missed my marriage and I am regretful. What can I do? I can't financially handle my life on my own.


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  • Yeah it's not good to get involved while still getting a divorce, don't know why he would want to marry you if don't do anything and feel like a roommate. Maybe you should just tell him you will just stay there until you can afford your own place since it's not working out with him either

  • Don't be an unfaithful, unloyal bitch


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