When he says sorry for everything I did to you?

3 years later,
is that a joke? every time he said sorry to me he done something even worse to me..
he says he feels guilty sometimes, I replied change and if I never hear from you again Then I will know,
he thanked me and apologised. I ignored it And deleted him from my messaging app..

I used to beg that guy and love him more than anything in the world, he hurt me and let me down... I truly never want to see him again and have told him over and over again.

I'm unsure whether to believe his apology that's why I deleted it, but I hope it's truly the last time I hear from him.. men is that the sort of things you say to someone when it's truly over? he's a pyschopath and I don't trust the fker as far as I could throw him


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  • I dated someone for 6-7 years and when we broke up and I stopped talking to her. We spoke briefly 8 months later and I never talked to her again. I was not perfect while dating but I don't feel the need to reach out to say sorry or explain myself because I know it is over. I am about 1 and 1/2 years removed I would never reach out to her because it is the past and I have moved on. If she ever reached out to me she would need to have a pretty good explanation because we will never just be friends. If I were you I would just move on and get back at him by being happy and successful moving forward because that is the best revenge to an ex.


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  • I'm pretty sure he sent that for superficial reasons. He likely wanted to see if you are still hung up over him or will be interested in giving him attention to feed his ego.

    • Sucks to be him then... I thought so deep down.. what a moron, I was probably the last on his list and he was tryin his luck.. he clearly don't know women well enough

    • He told me to block him I told him already I deleted him and screen shot the fact that he started a new chat with me, I said I don't want dog Shyte lingering on my messagin app that's why didn't block him on it, last time he messaged was a year ago assumed would have deleted me but nope.. can't have went down well with his ego to be likened to dog poop

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  • I just wonder why you still care..

  • Block him.

    • I removed him from Kik chat that's as good as blocking, in fact I deleted that app n made it look like I erased myself from it for months... I opened it up 2 months back, guys a dish and I don't want to block him it's funnier to ignore him like I have been doin but eventually my nose got the bette of me

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    • 4 years of this shit I've put up with... I've ignored, I've got angry even threatened him with police and nothing works... if that isn't moving on what is?

    • Report him on dating sites too and get him kicked.

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