I have a few pimples on each side of my back? PROBLEM help please!

i don´t know what to do, I have a few pimples on each side of my back and I try to cover them with clothes that hide my back but I was just wondering if guys even care? like if you see a really hot girl but then you notice she has back acne do you get all disgusted and think wtf? cause I hate wearing clothes that hides my back its summer soon and I want to wear hot clothes that show of my stomach boobs and back but I can´t do that when i´m trying to hide the acne what should I do ? and what do you think when you see it ?


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  • Well here a few tips:)

    *Try wearing a razor back sports bra to help with any that are kinda down the center

    *There's a kind of soap that I highly recommend its by Burts Bee's link

    (smells absolutely HEAVENLY!) Helps a ton.

    *Try using green tea lotion and scrub or anything with aloe to reduce obvious redness

    Some guys really don't care, do you think girls only get "bacne" ?

    No worries hun:)

    Have fun


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