Why is it hard to get a girl to like you?

My girlfriend broke up with me cause she like someone else. I've talked to some girls and it just seems they'd rather not talk or they'd seem not interested at all. Though when they do, I never seem to notice and I miss out on the opportunity.


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  • The title itself answers your question.
    You aren't trying to see the girl as a friend, but you're rather trying to get a partner before you even get to know her, or before she gets to know you. It's like building a house, but starting with the roof.

    • I do try to get to know her, but everytime I do she'd rather not get to know me or for some reason she doesn't want to talk anymore

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    • Focus on your studies.
      I'm assuming that you go to a private school.
      Those schools cost a lot of money, so focus on your education first, so that you don't waste your parents' money.

    • alright then I guess, thanks

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