Why are my ex's all coming out of no where all of a sudden?

Been a crazy Weekend. It seems like my ex's have been back popping into my life.

one ex dated last year for about 5 months, she ghosted me for 3 months then tried to act like nothing happen. All of sudden after I went NC on her for about 7 months "she regrets letting me go".

Then em a ex I dated from 2009-2013 is messaging me saying "I'm the talk of her friends and best friends" how I was always the guy for her. This ex reconnected with me last year but she was pregnant by the dude she left me for. We became friends again through the summer, then we didn't speak for almost a year after, now she is saying "her mind is in the right place and hope we can try to work things out". I don't know though.

i don't know why all of sudden they now see how great of a guy I am. I guess the grass wasn't greener for them


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  • I know, imagine all of the hookup possibilities! I think this is pretty common, especially if you're a genuinely nice guy. You get women who move on, have a bad experience, and then realize that they rejected some guy for what turns out to be a stupid reason. But to be fair, guys do it too -- or least I have. After getting out of my divorce, I found myself thinking a lot about the women that I rejected over the years because they weren't smart or successful enough. Many of those deal breakers of the past turn out to be so superficial but you just don't realize it until much later.

    Anyway, if I were in your position, I would parlay this into hookups and even crazier weekdays and weekends!


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