What should I do, Is it really over?

My crush has blocked me for the dumbest thing. Yesterday morning he texted me when I was asleep and I woke up 49 minutes after he sent the message, I replied and we carried on our conversation towards the end he tells me that he's going to lay down and I said that I was going to lay down with him so he text me to come get in the bed following that text he says nvm. I told him that I was laying down and he said, "nvm I said" then I replied, "damn, ok" then he text back "bye" and I say, "bye" back. Later on that day he text me to lose his number, I said wtf? And he said, "you left me hanging for an hour and you acted nonchalant about it" I said, "I was sleeping tf?" And he goes on to tell me, "ok, I'm blocking you" without letting me tell him what's up and him not even wanting to listen to what I had to say he blocks me. He does the same exact thing though, I understand that he works, but I wait for replies from him between 5 minutes to 10+ hours why he flipped out on 49 minutes I'll never know.

He gets mad over the dumbest of things. I tried texting him on other numbers and he blocks them, I've tried calling him and all it does is go straight to voicemail. I'm so hurt, I didn't do anything wrong. What I don't understand is why he didn't block me on Facebook, he blocked me from texting. What more can I do? I'm hurting inside, I can't stop crying. The beginning of last week we got into a dumb argument and since then we've made up until yesterday. I love him so much, but I hate the way that he treats me during our arguments. During us texting I asked how was he doing and he asked how I was doing and I told him that I was having trouble sleeping, that I kept tossing and turning and waking up, so right there I was telling him that I was asleep prior to him texting me. What should I do? Is it really over between us?


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  • some men are controlling n want things done a certain way... but its not mature to jump into conclusions as he did.

    my advice just lay low for sometime... he was probably mad n he took it out on you... take a step back wait for him to relax n IF he comes back texting then tell him to explain wtf that was...
    if he doesn't come texting... his loss find someone else.

    • He does like to control an awful lot. I hate that he didn't believe me when I said that I was asleep, he automatically assumed that I was probably talking to someone else. He knows that he has my attention and my attention only. I'm trying to figure out why he didn't block me on Facebook and on Messenger. If he was in fact done with me wouldn't he block off all contact? Maybe I'm thinking too far into this.

    • yes... I see you're a bit hurt n thinking emotionally... n you can't think straight when it comes to him which means you really like him.

      there's not so much you can do but wait it out, cz if you do continue tryna figure out what is happening you'll seem needy which he might take advantage of... you'll end up hurting till he does something... you'll be at his mercy.

      guys don't act out as women do... he probably hasn't even thought of your Facebook/messenger.

      take some time to yourself... do something... keep busy, clarity comes with patience.

What Girls Said 2

  • He sounds immature, or maybe he was desperate for an excuse to get out. Don't waste your time on this guy.

    • I love how he told me that I needed to grow up in order to be with him, but honestly he needs some growing up to do.

  • he sounds a bit like my SO. He might be angry about something that's out of your control and that makes arguments a lot worse than they need to be.. When he unblocks you try to talk to him and find out what the root issue is

    • What if he doesn't unblock me? What if stays mad? I did nothing wrong and he flips out for no reason.

    • if he stays mad then I don't know what you can do..

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