Using social media to stir jealousy in an ex?

Is this a good idea? My ex ended with me and I have met a lot of new attractive people, wondering if putting up photos on instagram etc. is likely to stir jealously and upset her.. she's really messed me around and if anything I just want to get my own back a bit


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  • She'd only feel jealous if she still cared about you and wanted you back. If an ex did that to me it wouldn't fazed me in the slightest. If she messed you around then she doesn't care about you anyway , so probably won't be feel jealous


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  • No, be a respectful mature adult and move on. Games are for children


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  • That'd be pretty low.
    Don't stoop to her level.
    An eye for an eye never works, because you can't put the eye in your missing socket. In other words, your current wrongs will not change the past, or make you feel any better.

  • grow up please and don't waste your time getting her attention


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