Ex Boyfriend Told Me He Needs Time To Figure Things Out After Already Breaking Up?

My ex and I were together for 10 months. We always desired each other sexually without stopping, we loved surprising each other and helping each other, we would spend entire afternoons in bed cuddling, we were patient and understanding of each other, and we would always smile together.

Last Saturday he broke up with me and was completely set on his decision. I begged and pleaded asking him to give us another chance. Eventually he left saying, "I still want you and I'm going to miss you, but I have to go." I feel devastated. I immediately deleted his number and took him off all social media platforms. A few hours later he wrote me via Snapchat saying, "I regret this already. I'm so sorry." A few minutes later on facebook saying, "I just need some time to think this over. I made my decision while being too emotional. Please understand." I feel like he already made his decision, but just does not want to come to turns with it. Am just waiting for him to break up with me a second time?

I am currently living in France and after one month of being here I met him. He was patient with the language barrier, was caring, often wanted to together. As months passed I got worrisome and clingy. Each time we went out to a bar with him and his friends I ruined the night as I ended up drunk and in tears. I accused him of using me. When he would take 5 hours to reply I would start petty arguments. I would constantly asked, "Do you still want to be together?" After a while he started pushing our plans to other dates because something came up. I know for a fact that he was not cheating on me. He proudly introduced me to all his loved ones/never hid the fact that we were together. But he got tired of my accusations.

Last Saturday I told him for the 3rd time I felt neglected as he would take hours to reply to me or cancel plans. This time he broke up with me. He told me that he felt unappreciated/not enough.

Do I need to avoid texting him? Should I take him off all social media?


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  • Firstof, guys hate petty arguments. They avoid it because they don't want "feelings"to get involved sincethe society judgeguys that they can't show their emotions or else they will be seenas weak. And if you really love him why don't you trust him, the more doubts you have the less he want to be with you. Also if you guys get back together, tell him this " I'm so glad that you and I are back together! You don't know how much you make me happy, I appreciate all your efforts. And for me, you're the most handsome guy ever! I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend like you. Although I've doubted you before, I was wrong because I know you wouldn't be like other guys who cheat and lie because I know you're different from them. ❤️" when you say this, it will make him feel loved and respect. it will make him feel that you trust him and wouldn't want to break your trust.

    • Also if you want him back, do the no contact rule as in NO CONTACT AT ALL block him in all social medias, act like you can live without him. After you're done doing the no contact rule, remind him the good memories you guys have had, but make it short-quick-and simple. It will make him want you more. Also being too available will make him not want to commit. If you are busy and have time for yourself, he will want more of your attention.

    • Also don't beg him back to be with you. It shows that you're weak and incapable of living without him. Show him you can live without him and watch how he will start to chase you

  • you were too clingy. Guys hate that


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