How to get over a guy?

My boyfriend dumped me 2 weeks ago. Whenever my friends ask him if he still likes me he avoids the question, or says no in a non convincing way or just says he won't answer. We still text every day. Is there a chance of us getting back together? If not, how can I move on?


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  • We ll, I'd say change your mentality. He didn't want to continue with you, it's better for you then. He wasn't yours to begin with, but now you would be more closer to finding your real man, that is out there, also looking for you. :) girl, just positivity... :) just keep swimming...

    • Thank you sugar! :)

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  • I would stop texting for now if I was you.. I don't know your situation, but you're not giving him any time to miss you.

  • if you have money u can buy a trampoline or just climb him


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