How do I move on from a deceitful ex?

I'm still angry at this girl almost 7 months later. Long story short, we had really strong feelings for each other for a long time; she begged and cried for me to wait around for her so that she could break up with her boyfriend. She then broke up with him, we dated, but then she changed her mind and went back to him. I'm not as angry or hurt as I was 6 months ago and I don't have any romantic feelings for her, but there are still times when I just become enraged with what happened. She didn't talk to me about it so there was no closure. I've also ghosted her. How do I get myself to not be angry about what happened?

Also, we have a lot of mutual friends and she's been avoiding all social situations with these mutual friends which I am perfectly okay with. However, if I did happen to see her, I feel like I'd be extremely uncomfortable. I want to get to the point mentally where it wouldn't bother me if she was in the same social situation. What's the best way to completely move on and not be bothered by thoughts of her or her presence?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She was in a relationship with someone else, and you tried to get with her. It's hard to feel sorry for you. Don't go for attached women. You got what you deserve, and all that anger you're feeling is probably anger at yourself for being a moron.

    • I agree with not going for women who are already in relationships, but then again it's not all on him, she's was the one in the relationship, and she choose to leave one for another, and then back again. In this situation I'd say he has the right to feel used, and angry at her for leading him on. But as you said, getting trying to get with someone who's in a relationship already is not a good idea

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  • She used you or her convenience, get used to the fact that some people out there have less of a conscience then others. First problem in the situation is you went for a woman who was in a relationship, she did what she wanted and dropped you like a bad habit.


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