How do I get him back?

this weekend i went out with friends and drank too much and regrettably cheated on this boy that i was in a 'thing' with. he never would of known had i not of mentioned it but i felt too guilty keeping it from him. he ended things straight away and seemed pretty final however i miss him so much and my gut is telling me we weren't supposed to end this way , i'm hurting so much and i just want him back i just don't know how to get him back. i've apologised so many times and phoned and texted but today we haven't spoken at all. before all of this he was telling me he was falling in love with me etc so i don't understand how he can be so quick to end everything no second chances or anything? any advice would be amazing, thankyou


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  • I can forgive everything and work it out. I draw the line at cheating. You've basically given him PTSD. Anyways, for the heads up, it's nearly impossible unless you take extreme measures. I know some stuff that can melt a rock.

  • You made the choice to cheat.

    To some people that is unacceptable. If he doesn't want you back, nothing you can do or say will change his mind.

  • You don't deserve him back. Simple as that. If you want to be with him you should have thought about that before you cheated that "I was drunk" bullshit is a load of crap


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