Is he trying to let me down slowly or actually want to work on it slowly?

So i have been talking/dating this guy for three months. talking for a month dating for two and everything has been great no huge disagreements, literally facetime whenever we a both free which is a lot. we hang out everything. but thhis morning he texted me "i think we should be friends until we get our shit situated because you live kinda far (45 50 mins away) and im not digging the distance." so im like what does get our shit together mean? and is he saying just friends or friends until.. he keeps emphasizing UNTIL. he still facetimed me when he got off work and text like normal and he asked me if i was scared this morning.. but wouldn't actually go into just kept saying "i told you this morning" so what do you guys think? is it something i should keep hopping for or give it up and just be friends? i will be fine with either i just know if we are just friends i can't talk to him like i use to because fall for him more and more and its not fair to me...


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  • He's full of shit. He's only wanting to fuck and that's all it'll ever be. It's over so move on


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