Go for it or wait?

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up and she blocked me because of fighting. The fighting was because of stressful life circumstances a small distance that was still tough because neither of us has a car right now. I know she still has feelings and if she saw me in person she will remember that cuz in the past she could never stay mad when she saw me lol.

But should i go see her and try to fix it now? Or should i wait a few months until all harsh feelings have faded and our lives are a little more stable and wel both have cars and better jobs and all that good stuff, and just try to start a brand new relationship with a clean slate? Obviously if i wait there's a chance one of us could be with someone else, but if we got back together now we would still have to deal with the same stresses as before. I still love her, but dont want us to break up again for the same reasons.


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  • If you want to be with her regardless of any issues, I think you should go see her soon. I don't know if she's the type of person who needs time to cool off but, if she is, give her a little time just don't wait TOO long. If these issues make you both feel like being together is not worth it, keep your distance and keep living your life. Maybe you'll get that car and everything but don't do it just for her because the truth is she might move on by then. If the connection is strong enough, it will last. Maybe, you can even ask her now if she's willing to wait for these issues to be worked out and then continue the relationship.

    • Yea she definitely is someone that needs time to cool off but I've already given her a month. The problem is she blocked me cuz like i said she doesn't want me to just turn the charm on and get her back like I've done before lol so i would have to surprise visit her and i dont know if thats crossing a line

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    • That is true. I just don't know if she might perceive it as creepy. But, if you have a long history, it should be fine. Go for it. I really hope it gets resolved

    • Worst case scenario she gets pissed and tells me to leave. But there's also a real possibility that she's like testing me to see if ill just give up because the last time we broke up she said she wouldve met up with me sooner but she wanted to see if i was just gonna stop trying and go hook up with someone else or something. She plays games like that sometimes unfortunately lol so maybe this isn't a test and she's really done but i won't have peace of mind til i try.

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