Should I reach out to my ex? I miss him not sure if it's just romantically or friendship or combination of both? Been almost a year?

I'm so conflicted my ex broke up with my almost a year ago. I still have feelings though. I don't know if I purely miss the friendship or romance or both. I wish it was so easy and I could just get over him but I can't. After the break up we meet up a month later then had NC for months before meeting in the fall initiated by him. I haven't heard from him since then other than a quick convo via text in December. I really don't want to do. He said he wanted to be friends and i really believe he meant it. When we met up It was great and much better than I expected it to go. It's like no time had passed and I kept it very cool (i didn't say I missed him or anything drastic like that) he did say he missed hanging out and I agreed. Miss him in my life but I don't want to be so vulernable. Any advice what to do? Why would he suggest meeting up then I haven't really heard from him since? I have a good read on situations most of the time and i believed he enjoyed himself that night.


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  • do it for the sake of closure

    • But I've kind of had closure. It's just determine whether we can continue our friendship or was our hangout in October just a lie?

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    • Thanks just don't wanna come off so desperate

    • be strong.. I know what you're going through.. If you have any means to move on please do.. If you need to talk inbox me.. my names imran

  • Move on

    • So much easier said that done. I wish I could
      Follow that advice

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    • Probably not

    • I guess I'll just never know that's the hard part. It almost feels worse that we met up
      Recently cause now I question everything when I felt confident when we met up that it went smoothly
      Maintain at least a friendship. If I never heard from him it would be different but I did

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