Ex keeps blocking then unblocking and confusing me I wanna get back together?

So me and my ex broke up and it was hell for me, I tried getting back together but it wasn't in his interest we kept fighting and that was the issue and we still do fight and it's because one tries to make the other jealous so the other does it back and it's hard to keep control of we both just do it out of anger, we had many fights lots of blocking then coming back 3 days later, after talking at school for a first time he was messaging me acting sad with sad faces so I was asking what's wrong and he was saying you don't care don't worry and he told me he realised what he lost after talking to me again and he told me he went home crying. We started to get back together after that and we were happy again and then one day I got mad at him for ignoring me when he was sad he blocked me then unblocked me with a message saying I'm sorry blah blah blah I still have feelings for you, and I really want him back because when we are together it's good, I told him don't message me till you have made a decision whether you want to be friends, get back together or want to have fights with me 24/7 and we haven't messaged for 2 days now I'm not messaging till he says he has made a decision, he says he still has feelings for me but I don't know if I should tell him I want to get back together or if I should say let's leave it a bit, no talking and see if we are better in a few months so we can stop fighting, I feel like we need a good break from each other just to think but I don't want him to find someone new in that space of time, he always comes back and I was hoping he didn't so I could move on should I make him feel bad and have him chase me back or should I straight up say I want to get back together or should I say let's have a good clean break and come back later, I was getting better when he blocked me thinking he wouldn't come back but he did and now I want him back. Help.


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  • OMG the drama! TL;DR. Are you 16? This is not working out, just end it! Sounds to me like you're afraid of being alone, or afraid of trying to date someone new and start all over. This guy is clearly not very stable either, and you both need some single time to fix what's broken inside, and a clean total break from each other!

    • Yes 16 😂

    • I really do want it to work because when we were together it was almost perfect and it made me really happy and he made me better at school and always made himself a part of my dance career and I miss my best friend

    • People change. And what you were together back then has also changed. There is no hope for it at this point, unless you spend time apart not talking.
      Maybe during that time, without him right there, you'll come to find that you don't need him, or maybe the solitude will help you to really see what's broken and give you a better idea of how to fix it. One thing is clear: he's not in the same place you are on this. It looks to me like he's ready to get out, but didn't want to be the bad guy in being the one to leave.

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  • You should probably gives some space and allow sometime to grow for you and them

  • this is like a tv drama series relationship. i think both of you need to grow, this kind of relationship is not even healthy, its very immature and childish. i think all you need to do is reflect to your self if you really want him back which is i think you really want him back. but you need to evaluate your relationship, if you still want to have dramas and continue to have a immature / childish relationship then go back with him. but for me i think you should make it a formal break up. he is playing your feelings, he is playing hard to get, but still he is so immature. so you better choose him or find another one that is good for you and not an immature and childish one


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