He is an ass and I don't know what to do. Help?

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. The day before we were supposed to go out and see a movie, he was supposed to pick me up but he never responded or asked me where lived, I felt bad because we were supposed to go out. I apologized for not making it. He said everything was ok. He said he loved me, I asked him if he ever thought about getting married one day. He said he loved me again and that he has to let me go. I asked what I did wrong, he said I did nothing wrong, he wanted to see other girls. I told him to leave me alone and don't contact me.

Today he messaged me telling me to say I love him one more time. I got mad and blocked him on Snapchat and his number.

I've been with the guy for a year and I feel like shit. What do I do?


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  • you did the right thing. you're gonna feel like shit for a little while but this time next month, you won't even remember his name.


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