I don't understand this girl at all?

I asked her out 3 months ago via text and she just said she was busy so I took that as rejection.

Then last month after class she went out with me for coffee after the last class of the year.

Now this week I've tried calling her twice, both times I got to voice mail. The first time I didn't leave a message and got no call back. The second time I left a message, told her id love to see her again, and then 2 hours later she just texts me saying hi, and commenting on a joke I made, and then that was the last I've heard of her.

Why would she text me if she doesn't want to go out with me or talk to me anymore? I'm very very tempted to call her in a couple weeks and just asking her straight up if she wants to go out with me that evening


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  • You know, I think you are putting too much signifigance into this. Don't get so wound up, here's what's probably going on: You're moving a little fast for her. Whether she's into you or not, she's probably thinking you're hitting on her. Unless you just want some sort of quicky affair, you really want to give her a different impression. Become friends before you become a couple. Talk to her in person more than you talk to her over electronic means. Be kind and pleasant, and, most important, show her you care. ?


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  • i miss text messages and calls all the time.

    but I think she just messing with you but I would try what you suggested and then if she says no. move on.

    • Thanks. I was wanting to move on after I called her. I figured if she doesn't want to see/talk to me she will ignore my message. But then she texts saying hi and stuff and that just confused me..

    • Changed by mind.

      dont text or call her. wait to see what she does when you ignore her

      that will give you a clear picture, if she likes you

      when you texted each other was it like everyday. everyother day .etc?

    • Havent had her number for that long - she was in my class and we would see each other 4 times a week. after I asked her out the first time, she still sat next to me and still acted the same way as before. always gave me positive body language which is why I took a chance

  • This probably isn't what you want to hear but... if she really liked you she wouldn't have said she was too busy. And if she liked you she would have called you back right away.


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  • Thats the thing that girls have, I mean your trying to be cool about it, and take risk here, but your left to look like a total fool. But if you didn't try hard at all, then they would be telling you that you never took the risk to try hard enough. I don't get these damn girls these days, its like they don't know what they have until they finally loose it for good. I guess its true what they say, some people learn, and some people learn the hard way, good luck with everything man.

  • Bro if it has a vagina, you will never be able to understand it. I promise.


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