Why is my ex texting me?

I was fucking him on the low. He said he wanted to be with me I said no. He has his baby mother he would go back and forth with. When they were together I wouldn't mess with him, I would ask him and he would tell me. One day I don't know what it was I told him I wanted him, but then he said he doesn't know and started bringing up a time we broke up and I slept with someone else. I knew it was an excuse for something. He then ignored my calls that day. I went by his apartment and saw him with his baby mother. He doesn't know. Since then I changed my number and never contacted him again. He's been liking all my recent photos on Instagram and recently started writing me. I wrote back once and send don't write me because I won't write back. Since then he posted a photo with a shirt I bought him and writes subliminal posts. And today he is back in my inbox. Last time I saw him was Jan.5 . I just don't get it. I realized he leaned more towards her and I stepped away. what should I write him. Trust me he won't stop. We've been separated for 4 years and he's been trying for 4 years. How do I end this crap?


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  • Never ever respond and change all numbers emails and such

  • Just tell him that you've moved on and you don't want him to contact you again.


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