My ex called me dude/bro and I'm not sure where I stand?

So I broke up with my girlfriend (long distance) a month ago and we used to play a game together with friends. She broke up with me and I personally would like to give the relationship another go. The problem was me being insecure and immature (she just claimed it was a loss of attraction), which I've been working on.

We've been playing again recently after not having talked for 3 weeks (we didn't reach out to each other) and I don't understand how she's feeling. We are in voice chat with friends for this. The first time we talked she started out sort of nervous-sounding and cold, but she was using my name a lot by the end of it and she was talking about doing certain things in game with me in the future (which I didn't jump all over). Second time I swear she was trying to make me jealous since she announced she was getting remarried in game. It doesn't mean much since she barely knows the other person, but it was the equivalent of saying we're broken up and most people in our group of friends thought it was insensitive. I didn't really care, keeping everyone laughing and when she popped into our voice chat she didn't sound too happy, but I can't say for sure. Third time didn't seem like anything was going on, but we were friendly and having a good time. Today I tried talking to her a bit more and we got a little flirty and used some semi-pet names we used to have and we were having a good time. When we were finishing up the night though she was calling me dude/bro, which I can't figure out.

I feel like it's a defensive thing for her (she said we would never get back together), but I'm not sure if that's because she felt I was coming off too strong, or she was confused about her feelings. I'm just gonna keep going ahead with what I'm doing, but some feedback would be good.
I feel like it's worth mentioning that I've never heard her call anyone else this and we were dating for a little over 3 months.


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  • Why not stop over-analyzing how she sounds over voice-chat and actually be clear about what you want, which is to try the relationship again, and if she doesn't want that then stop interacting so you can have some distance, avoid pet-names and flirting, and actually move on.

    • I want to say it boils down to talk is cheap right now. Saying I've changed and I want to try again won't amount to much and she wouldn't go for it, so I'm just trying to show her how I've changed instead. Communication is important, but I have to get to a place where that's gonna be effective first.

    • What's important is to tell her your intentions and verbalize what your goal is, aka to show her you have changed for the better. There's no point in talking to her when you aren't actually communicating effectively at all. You could talk to her for a year and think things are great then bring up the friendship just to have her tell you she isn't interested and you should have said something several months ago. Girls want to know you are pursuing them and they want to know your plan for doing so, and in this case with an ex, it's even more important to acknowledge how you think you could have behaved differently, and also show her.

    • then bring up the relationship* (I mean)

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