Can someone really intelligent figure out a way for my friend to talk to her ex?

Posting for her; they broke up a long time ago in 2015 October. He got a rebound but it only lasted a week. They haven't spoken for a long time until a month ago when she drunk texted him and spilled her feelings. So you can guess they haven't spoken for year until then. He was calm and cold during the conversation and rejected her saying he didn't want her, need her or like her and rudely said bye. I do agree she should've just talked casually but she was drunk. She sees him 5 times a week. She really wants to get back with him he is currently not interested in anyone else. However there is this girl he speaks to, he use to tag her in a lot of stuff but stopped. They haven't spoken to each other in person they are only friends on FB not Instagram. I really think they are just friends as she is a grade older and they don't tag each other or say anything flirty. But my friend is a stress pot. Since it was awkward I was wondering if anyone intelligent can figure out a way or a situation that will make her and her ex talking as acquaintances. Anything creative that will make her talk to him or vice versa. She has one class with him? Thanks ~


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  • she shouldn't talk to him. things will never be the same between them. it is best for her to focus on herself and move on.

    • I feel that she sorta needs closure I think that's the reason why she hangs on to him. She tells me it's hard as she sees him 5 times a week. She thinks that since they are both different they can start over

    • well they won't be able to start over. however, if what she needs is closure then if the guy is decent she may just be able to ask him why they broke up. maybe say to him something like "Hey, sorry I laid all that on you the other day. I was really drunk. I just need a little closure. If you could tell me why we broke up then that would be great". That is the best advice I can give you.

    • I will tell her that thanks:) . The guy is confusing however, just before the holidays his friends suggested for him to take her to the movies and he agreed. I'm not sure what happened but he never ended up asking her. So you could tell he needs to figure out himself first

  • She should take him to her bedroom or go to his bedroom... And milk him


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