What do you do to help get yourself over a break up?

People grieve the loss of a relationship in so many different ways. What do you do when you feel like it's just not working for you anymore?


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  • I got to this weird point where I have realized all you can do is accept some of the shitty circumstances you end up in. Breakups included. I wallow, pick myself up, accept it for what it is and just try to move on.


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  • Well it's not easy especially since I'm recently divorced, you just try to stay strong and talk to people that have been there, talking to other guys that have gone through it helps a lot and also keeping busy to keep from thinking about it or you start getting emotional if you think about it to long

    • It's not easy mate, but it's worth putting in the effort! You get to rebuild your life in a way that suits you better. Talking to other blokes makes it easier, as long as they're a positive influence you'll be ok =)

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    • Thanks for MHO👍

    • No worries mate! 👍

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  • I'm sorry you invited the wrong person... Never been in the situation coz I never had a girl... :(

  • smoke a bowl 😂😂😂 jk


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