Meet up with ex for drinks?

Well me and my girl split up last week and is been a bit horrible the past week really. Things were going great I was with her family for Christmas down in London spent new year there with them also, we had planned some trips ad were talking about a holiday it was also my birthday so she took me out to a fancy restaurant etc and bought me nice presents.

She was a bit distant sometimes and not very affectionate sometimes but we spoke about this and she said it was nothing to do with me but I got a bit insecure about it sometimes. Anyway last week she just split up with me ad I dont know why and she said she wasn't feeling it and she didn't know why this was, told me im a perfect guy and I treat her well but she can't go on with it and hurt me. I've done no contact for 5 or so days but we spoke last night and said she's been wanting to text me to meet up for drinks to talk about things and thanks for giving her space as its helped to think things over.

What should I expect at this meet up? i want her back and she seems positive and I also dont think she would want to go out for drinks if it was to say its over.


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  • I went through something similar and you really need to watch your actions. We didn't get back together but my advice is dont get jerked around - she must initiate communication and must make the effort with you DO NOT chase after her as this makes things worse give her space and let her miss you it should be 70% her 30% you and watching Corey Wayne videos on youtube really helped me.

    If I was you I would be open minded do not get emotional do not mention getting back together. If it comes up in conversation discuss what wasn't working state you dont accept the breakup, it isn't what you want and you'll be there if she changes her mind.

    Bottom line is you can't change someones mind no matter how hard you try it needs to come from them and from their heart - happy to answer any questions you may have and trust me its a very tricky situation to be in.

    • Yes I've been through similar myself before and chasing 100% does not work. I've been trying hard not to text her anything but caved in lol. The fact she wants to meet up and discuss things and clear the air is positive though right?

      Surely if it was totally over she wouldn't even want to meet up? Maybe its to ease her guilt or something I dont know but she genuinely seemed happy about wanting to meet up.

      No I won't mention getting back together or I won't be too pushy, il just ask what happened? And what she wants from this relationship? And then let her do the talking.

      She has said it was nothing to do with me and she has never brought anything up with me throughout the course of the relationship so it will be interesting to see what she says really.

      Im pretty crushed at the moment about all this, it just totally doesn't make sense as the week before she broke up with me she bought me presents for my birthsay for a future trip we had planned :/ soooo confused

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    • how did this go?

    • Well she still doesn't know whats going on :/ we still had a good time though considering and we shared some laughs etc, we were out for about 2 hours just talking. She wants to meet up again tomorrow and talk but we haven't spoken all week :/ she is supposed to reach out to me tonight so will see what happens tomorrow. I just want to help her throughout whatever this is

  • Let her do the explaining, she broke up with you so it's essential to understand why. Go out for the drinks and see what she says, don't be too straight forward in forcing the issue of getting back together, sit back and see where it goes.

    • Cheers man, just so confused as to why she would just call it off. Its positive she even wants to meet up I suppose

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