Any advice for mending a broken heart?

My ex treated me quite badly and we broke up 6 months ago. It's not that I want to get back together, because I don't. But I still have problem sleeping thinking about the things she did. I've had rebound sex, partying, going out with friends almost everyday, traveling. But nothing has helped...
I guess time heals all wounds, but it has even started to affect my school assignments. And it's quite tiresome to feel down everyday for half a year.


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  • You need to accept that it's really over and you need to realize that sometimes things just don't work out. Shit happens but you gotta move on. For me, venting (to my friends and family), exercising and writing helped me a lot. And you need to believe that someone better will come to you along the way.

    • Yeah I guess, I've already accepted that its over, frankly I'm quite glad it is. It's just that the thoughts that someone I trusted that badly would treat me that bad. And like, the things she said to me made me quite unconfident about myself and girls around me.
      I feel like I'm not enough or something like that.
      Probably should take up writing or something creative.

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    • Yeaah me too, but i usually don't get this way. at least not this bad. Littary nothing has helped and I'm starting to get exhausted and a bit worried haha. But I guess I just have too endure with time. Thanks!

    • that's cus she messes you up with your self esteem. Yeah like I said before you'll be fine. You're welcome!

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