3 month break up and he texted me?

i dated my ex boyfriend for 3 years and 2 months and he dumped me because he thought we weren't a right fit for one another and the last time I spoke to him was December 27th 2016 and I have been focusing on myself.

Yesterday at midnight he texted me saying he was just wondering how I was doing and to my surprise I was not really excpecting to recieve a text from him for a long while.

I responded 7 hours later because I was asleep but what is his reason for texting me? And his little sister said he also been looking me up on facebook.


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  • He was missing you. You two were together for 3 years, those feelings aren't gling to magically disappear. He's going to have bad days that he really misses you.

    • But he hasn't responded to my reply, would he even reply?

  • Maybe he was missing you.


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