A girl kissed my ex but he didn't like it?

The title is pretty much it. A girl kissed my ex on the cheek but he told her " no no no" and walked away. This girl also tries to hug him but he never lets her. I know he's my ex but we still have feelings for each other. Should I be worried?


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  • If you still have feelings for eachother why aren't you together?

    • We had to break up because that was the best option at the time. That was long ago however, so things have changed a little :)
      (In good and bad ways, I suppose?)

  • Nope. Not your business, not your place.

  • Hey there,
    First off you did say that he's your ex. If it bothers you that this girl is trying to come on to him then go talk to him. I wouldn't look too hard into this. Technically if this girl is kissing on him and he doesn't like it then he's not interested. He has a responsibility to let that girl know that he's not interested. And for you, you say you still have feelings for this guy. Then what the hell are you waiting for? Go get him back!

    • Yeah, it's a relief that he isn't interested. I heard that he talks about me to his friends and I always see him staring at me, heh. How can I get him back?

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    • Thank you so much friend! I'll take my chance :)

    • Of course! 😊😊😊

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