Will she speak to me again?

About a year ago a girl I met at work and I started to feel attracted to each other. One day she spoke to me, and we both confessed that we liked and loved each other. Briefly, after that, we started dating, we both were in a relationship, so we ended them.

Things were really good, until 3-4 months later she said she hadn't forgotten her boyfriend yet and she didn't want to hurt me, so we stopped dating. After a month we resumed dating, but things were different.

We dated again for another 3-4 months. I'm not a jealous person, but she kept having contact with ex-boyfriend and I asked her to stop. We started seeing less (even though I wanted to see her more) and starting arguing a lot more, most of the time for something related with her ex-boyfriend.

She insisted there was no issue at all and that I could trust her, until one day she broke up with me, telling me how she wasn't ready yet and that she hadn't forgotten her ex yet. It hurt very deeply and we argued.

Even though I felt like she was the one that needed to apologize, I took the initiative and apologized to her because of that argument.

The time we dated I tried to be as romantic as possible, it was my way of telling her how we should try things for real. I had some nice details with her, all these actions were from the heart.

After we broke I didn't saw her for two months until her birthday. I went to her house with some presents and went away.

Some weeks after that, we had a small argument and she said that we should stop talking for good until the things were better. I said that what we needed was to talk instead of a distance, but I respected her opinion. Her last words were that maybe one day maybe we could talk and maybe talk about "us" again. I told her that it was very uncertain since I had no way to know if that day will ever happen.

I don't know if I will speak to her again or no. I know that right now I need to move on. What else should I do? Will she speak to me again?

Things were really good, until 3-4 months later she said she hadn't forgotten her
*EX* boyfriend.

I can't edit my original question. Regards!


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  • You might be able to speak to her again, but it sounds like a relationship isn't really going to work out between you. Clearly she needs to get over this ex, just like you need to get over her. You shouldn't approach her about dating again because it will probably turn out like the last times. If there was ever the possibility of dating again, then she would need to approach you and prove to you that she was done with this guy. But you also shouldn't wait around for that to happen, instead you should look for someone emotionally available.


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  • honestly I think it's best to move on! you've spent so much time focusing on her and it still hasn't worked out! It shouldn't be that hard to be with someone if you feel the same about each other. It sounds like she's not interested in being with you. When a girl likes you she will want to be with you, trust me!

  • If it has failed twice, then you shouldn't get back with her. Stay and try to be her friend, BUT NOTHING MORE

  • move on it hurts to be with someone or trying to be with someone who's not over there ex in my opinion I don't think exs should be friends if it was a long relationship of about 8 months to a year or more it's just not a good idea to me at least. exs are an ex for a reason and it sucks to be in a relationship with someone who can't seem to move on or get over them and then you feel like if they had the chance they would go back to that person right away


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