Fallen in love with another person?

ok so my boyfriend and i have been dating for 7 months now and i'm very sure i feel something for him but recently from like no where another guy has appeared who i suddenly have feelings for too. i'm not even certain its much, i just feel attracted to him and he seems to like me too which is making me feel really guilty/bad.

i should probably mention that i'm in a long distance relationship and i've never met my boyfriend but we're always trying to make plans. thats the part which makes this so difficult for me - should i stay with him or 'live life to the fullest while i can' like all my friends tell me and go after the other guy? ):

i'm supposed to meet this other guy sometime next week to hang out/find out if the things i'm feeling are real or whatever but since i decided it would be better if i was honest with my boyfriend, i told him that i may have slight feelings for another guy which of course, has left him feeling very down. he told me that if i choose the other guy that it could be the end of us forever as he might never come back and i don't want things to end on bad terms with him. we're super close, we talk about everything and he really really cares about me. so this whole thing has been breaking my heart.
but at the same time, i could actually spend time with the other guy irl on an almost daily basis (rather than having to wait 3-4 years for that with my boyfriend) which all my friends and family say would be better for me.

so unfortunately i'm stuck in this choosing situation which is just horrible. i'm absolutely torn and need all the advice i can get.. thank you


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  • The fact that you've never met your boyfriend worries me, and the fact that he is willing to end everything on bad terms just because you're with another guy seems pretty rude, especially since you are so close. If you find out that you like the other guy, I say go for it, and if your current boyfriend doesn't understand or can't handle it then that's his problem for losing what could have been an amazing friend

  • LDR never works, people fall out of love all the time because feelings change, and you've done nothing wrong, yet.
    End the LDR, see where it goes with the new guy, but you will have ZERO rights to go back to the LDR if this other guy doesn't work out.


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