Should I dare to text my ex?

My ex wasn't a bad guy and now looking back, I feel bad about getting angry for something, which made us break up. Should I send him a message to let him know I'm sorry about how I acted a year ago and that we can be friends?


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  • You probably can't be friends. When people break up, they do so for a reason. Trying to get back in his life now - even as a platonic friend - may cause him problems. Suppose he has a girlfriend and she learns you are contacting him. What will she think? Do him a favor and leave him alone.

    • Not even as a friend? We didn't have a serious relationship but we did date.

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    • I just said "My ex wasn't a bad guy" because people would assume that he was an asshole or something if I didn't say otherwise. He was a good guy--he knew how to make me laugh, he made me comfortable in my own skin back when I had insecurity problems, and he was really thoughtful in his text messages, cards, etc. Only one thing was off about him and that was his intelligence. I like to read a lot of books and talk about current events, but he wasn't really into that which made some conversations awkward. We just talked about movies, music, and animals.

    • That sounds like a good idea, thank you. I don't think it's possible for us to get back together because I have my eyes on someone else but I'd want to tell him how sorry I was.

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  • I mean if you did or said something bad and want to own up to it, yeah go for it! If I ever feel bad for something, I apologize. And just keep it short and to the point, say I'm sorry for (insert whatever your sorry for) and say I would really like it if we could try to be friends if that's okay with you, if not then I understand.. and see what he says. If it's something worth saving, go for it! Good luck..


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