Second break up, same guy, five years in?

I'm writing today for support.
I was with a guy for 5 years. We met the first day in college and started dating 6 months later. We had an amazing relationship for 2 years then with several changes (both athletes) he wasn't feeling it anymore and broke up with me. I was devasted. I thought the stars were alligned bringing us together. 6 months of little contact he texted me and we gradually got into it again. We graduated and moved. Me back home, him to another state. Fortunately our cities were 2 hours apart. I got a full time job, he finished a masters and got into an intense career right away. I visited him once a week cause he could come to me. Seasonally his job is 7 days a week. As that ended and his schedule opened up I asked if he wanted to live together and travel. He didn't seem overly excited, but said yes. A week into "living" there. He said he was confused, I packed my stuff up and gave him space. A week later it was over. He said the exact same things as last break up ( I don't know if I see a future). Followed the same pattern of time. I'm doing better than last time, but had a life planned with him. I'm confused, want him back, but also don't want to go through this again.
Any thoughts?


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  • sorry mate.. maybe it's not meant to be


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