My ex told me 3 weeks after the breakup that she doesn't want a boyfriend and that she told me to move on. How do I cope with this man?

I really love her it hurts bad


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  • Why were you still in contact after 3 weeks?

    • Dunno tbh just hard easier said than done we was close

    • It's almost impossible to get over anyone, without truly cutting contact.

    • Yeah I hear you. I've fully blocked her on everything

What Guys Said 1

  • The best way to move on is to one, get rid of all the stuff you can that reminds you of her. Second find a new girl. not necessarily have to be a girlfriend but a girl that takes your mind off your ex. Tippically if you're having a hard time moving on it because, like you said, you were close and now you don't have someone to talk to like you talk to them. Most of all respect her decision, don't keep running after her. If she done, she done and you also need to move on.

    • Yeah I hear that still

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    • Like it hard for me to move on from my ex because we both go to the same community college so every time I see her I get all those emotion's coming back. It hard to move on since she was done and you weren't I'm assuming? Well you just got to give things time. It not suppose to heal fast but when it does it will feel like it never there.

    • Yeah man time tells everything

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