Why do girls treat with peice of shit like boys don't have any dignity?

The question is very generic based on normal scenario seen widely whenevr girls accepts request on dating sites they prete d as if by giving him chance she is making such a great thing or in general too lot of incidences are there


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  • I don't do online dating

  • Boys/guys do have dignity , that's why girls look around for guys who will best satisfy most of their ambitions. Online dating is more based on look and first impressions. Those who look really good get more likes and interest from both boys and girls. Girls too are looking to attract better boys. So those who have beauty level of 8 to 10 are the luckier people who get more likes. And average guys and girls like you and me are not much cared for. So we don't get expected response from attractive girls/ guys. So not only guys but even girls have to suffer in the same old way.


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